The State News
East Lansing, MI
October 30, 2008

“I can only imagine the image that comes into peoples’ mind when I say to them, ‘Yeah, I’m going to play bike polo tomorrow,’” said Connor Ryan, who started bike polo games in Lansing. “It must be something really fantastical. But once you get here you look and you say, ‘Oooohhh, That makes sense.’”
The MSU English graduate student is among a growing number of people who turn out each Sunday afternoon to the Ranney Park tennis courts, near Frandor Shopping Center, to participate in pick-up games of the obscure sport.
The game is played with two teams of three people — each of whom are on a bike and wielding a homemade mallet to play toward a preset number of goals.
The rules prohibit putting feet on the ground at any time during play and contact in anything but the same medium. For example, bike on bike collisions are fair, but mallet in the spokes crosses the line.
Attendance varies from week to week, but Ryan said he’s confident people who love bikes will love bike polo.
“You should just come with whatever you have,” Ryan said. “Because we really, honestly, only care if you have a bike and want to have some fun.”