Blood -N- Dust
Fixed Gear No Brakes Race
September 27th, 2008
Dayton, Ohio

Must pre-reg with Brett. bloodndust (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I’ll be at this race. Actually, I never ridden fixed brakeless. Well, my old polo bike was fixed brakeless for a while and I did have a bike set up for the track and I did a few night races in Prospect Park last year. But a MonsterTrack style, on the street race.. not really my thing. Who cares right! I’m doing it! I won the last big race in my hometown. Oh, that was a three hour race and I finished 20 minutes ahead of 2nd place (and on my road bike). Whatever, it’ll be fun and I miss my friends in Ohio. They still play polo rough, and I owe Lee something. The winner of the race gets $500.00 and everybody gets to play polo Sunday, on the best court in the country.


$500 Winner: Ben Fry

1st Loser: Brent
2nd Loser: Doug D
3rd Loser: Wrong Way Tommy
4th Loser: Andy Ohio