I-Cycle Throw-Down
Team Goldsprint Competition
Sept. 18th and Sept.26th, 2008
Vice Gallery 99N.10th St. Brooklyn

I went to this tonight, and there will be another night on the 26th. But as I type this I just remembered I will be in Dayton doing a fixed, no brakes only alleycat called Blood -n- Dust.
Back to Squid’s goldsprints, It’s in a Vice/Puma art gallary space and there were plenty of free drinks and a pretty good feeling going on despite the down computers that were to time the racers. In a jam, the organizers used a pair of stopwatches to time the head to head goldsprinters. So hopefully next week it’ll all be fixed (oh, the bikes were freewheel) and the times will be accurate. And if not, Oh well, you’ll still get drunk for free.

For more info Puma.com/icycle