doug and robbie, originally uploaded by kev_walsh.

Kevin Walsh took this photo of Robbie and I playing against each other during the second day of play at the NACCC bike polo tournament. In this play Robbie was going for a shot on my goal and I was trying to block the shot. I’m pretty sure I hit the ball away before before he could get the shot off. I know he didn’t score and just after this I was feet from the back wall and moving at a good clip. Locked up the rear brake to swing the ass end around just enough, as I hit the back wall both wheels at the same time, and did so hard enough to pinch flat both front and rear tires. Swapped out bikes but in the end my team, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, lost to his team, That’s What She Said. I like this photo because both our team names are in the picture. That’s What She Said went on to win the whole damn thing. Plus, I don’t see very many pictures of me playing.

Note my bloody hat. In the first day of tournament play I got a mallet to the head from Lee of Dayton by Lee FROM Dayton, big guy, lefty, kind of goof, kind of punk ass, if you see him, take his ass out for me. Twice!