Ottawa Wins NACCC Bike Polo Tournament!!!!

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Brian, Alexis, and Robbie (That’s What She Said) take the prestigious title of North American Bike Polo Champions at the 2008 Chicago NACCC. Kings of the sport, I respect Ottawa players the most (ever since seeing them win ESPI I in 2005) and they deserve the win, but did not go undefeated. Phillys Mark, Montana, and Alex (Hoagie Rollers) did fight out of the losers bracket to meet That’s What She Said in the final. And that game went up to 4 – 0 Philly!! Then Ottawa brought it back to 4 – 4 !!!! after a few more minutes of top notch play Philly won!!! forcing a Final, Final. This next game started and during most of it I was helping others chase two thieves who stole a bike and bag and ran off. I did get back in time to see Brian score a beautiful game winning goal. Way to go man and congratulations!

I want to thank all of Chicago Bike Polo, everyone who had a hand in this event did a super job. There is no doubt that this was the largest bike polo event to date! And it was excellent!

For me this whole weekend was great, so many friends and new faces. I got to relax in the shade, as Johnny bandaged my head, (thanks Johnny, thanks Lee). Everyone was great to let me take their photo. I think there were only 5 people I missed, out of 34 + teams (please give me some time to work on them, I will post them all). Thanks to Lucky for a personalized custom Mallet (I still need your address). Thanks to the Hunters for giving me a sample of the “Mid-West Red”. Thanks to Wil Mills of La Carrera Cycles for flowing me some clothing. I’m not sure of his name but the mechanic who set up a work shop at the courts, that was very generous thing to have all those spare tubes available for free and lending tools for two days. Just awesome, Thank You.

So Many Sponsors and tons of prizes. If you guys want to take the time to send a thank you to the people who gave products as prizes I think that would be a really good thing! Thanking the small companys that give to the bike polo events can go a long way. I want to list a few of the sponsors.

Waterford Precision Cycles
Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
Seagull Bags
Kozie Prery
Crumpler Bags
And Many Others….


2008 North American Bike Polo Champions: “That’s What She Said” (Brian, Alexis, Robbie) Ottawa

2nd Place: “Hoagie Rollers” (Montana, Mark, Alex) Philly
3rd Place: “East Vanier” (Jen, Martin, Pieter) Ottawa/East Van

MVP: (highest goals per game avg.) Drew of Portland

35 teams with players from Ottawa, East Van, Chicago, Milwaukee, Philly, St. Louis, Madison, Seattle, Richmond, Lexington, New York City, Columbia, Minneapolis, DC, Baltimore, Boston, Orlando, Dayton, Portland, and Cleveland. 20 cities!!

2 days, 2 courts. 10 min games in round robin and bracket games up to the semi-finals. 15 min semi. un-timed Final. All games first to 5 points.