Paul with bike polo face guard helmet

If you were at the 2008 North Side Polo Invite this past weekend or played in pickup games at The Pit in the last couple weeks you might have seen this already. This is not an out-of-the-box bike polo helmet, Paul made this himself. Pretty simple really, acquiring the helmet (protec classic full cut water) and face shield (Oakley 42-000) separately, he just trimmed the shields lower corners with a ban saw and mounted it with some chainring bolts after drilling a few holes.

Since 2005 I have never played bike polo with any more “protective gear” than a pair of gloves but after seeing this I think I might make one for myself. I know the chance of getting hit in the head is out there and really at the level of play this sport is getting up to, more gear is getting smarter and smarter.

Photo © Doug D 2008