Since my friend the bike snob is out of the office for just a bit, not that I keep up with it all that much but as a fellow blogger blah bla. Anyway. A few weeks ago I noticed that Fixed Gear Gallery added a section of blog links so I sent a friendly email asking what I can do to get a link (I haven’t heard back yet) and tonight I took another look at the FGG site. I found something a little interesting, it looks as if they are starting a clothing line called HELL YES and in a little preview of the line they have a photo of a shirt that says “HELL YES BIKE POLO”.


select image to see full size.

Then I took a look at the submissions from the past couple days. And after looking at the Bianchi pista photos I can’t go into a long winded rant, like my snobby friend, that only people who sit at a desk all day might even consider reading to the end. And then leave the most uncompelling comments about nothing. No, I’ll keep it simple. I would like to say one thing, and I think this every time I look at Fixed Gear Gallery, please people, let me see the drive side. That’s the side with the chain and stuff.

Not one but, two in the same day. And three if you count yesterdays Merckx. Take the bike outside, turn it around, then take the picture. For the love of God!

Oh, good just as I post this I see I can hand the bitching back over to… ah about said his name. BSNYC is back.

PS. I had way too many redbulls today