7-6-2008 quinn kev bike polo in the pit nyc

7-6-2008 bike polo in new york city kev johnny al

group playing bike polo on a sunday in the pit 7-6-2008 quinn with ball

7-6-2008 ethan birdseye  two dudes eating ice pops

7-6-2008 some mid west polo guy gets schooled by world champ in a game of bike polo

7-6-2008 street hockey ball rolls in as six bike polo players watch a shot on goal

7-6-2008 kev from the mid west beats johnny for the ball in a game of bike polo

7-6-2008 al falls off his polo bike

All Photos © Doug D 2008

Since I have been posting my photography for friends to see I’ve received a few emails asking for high res versions or just to use a photo on this site and I’ve said yes to everyone, so thanks to everybody that had the courtesy to ask. It’s my pleasure.