NYC May Tournament
The New York Pre-Worlds Round Robin Polo Tournament & Barbecue Classic Memorial Day Extravaganza
Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
May 25-26, 2008
In The Pit

Welcome to New York City.
So after looking at the tournaments scheduled for 2008 I saw a gap in the month of May, for the East Coast anyway. I talked with a few of the NYC regular players and asked for the input of others and this thing took off. The gist of this is to allow every team entered to play equal number of games throughout. The way we are going to accomplish this is by eliminating the usual Finals Bracket. Instead, teams will gain two points for a win, one point for a tie, and zero points of a loss. There won’t be a final unless two teams accumulate the same score after two days of play. But that’s not what this tourny is about anyway, it’s about playing a ton of games against as many different teams as we can cram into two days. And so you and your team can get your game tight in the last couple weeks before the CMWC 2008 World Championship Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament in Toronto, Canada.

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17 teams with players from NYC, Richmond, DC, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Philly, London, Germany, and Ottawa.
Each team played 14 games over two days. Games were played to 5 points or 8 minutes.
Total games played, over 110!

Winners, “Brendan’s Team” (Brendan, Zach, Doug) NYC
2nd Place, “Rival Gangs” (Jen, Robbie, Alexis) Ottawa
3rd Place, “Psycho 78” (Corey, Adam, Dave) NYC

Group Photo