About an hour or two into polo we all knew it was going to rain. As six were lining up to play the rest were packing up to take cover. I had already bought an umbrella for $2.50 so I could get some shots. I was surprised by how much it rained, some might even say it was hard rain, but that’s New York for ya.
After polo we went over to Dave’s new burrito spot Neighburrito, for some good eats.
brendan riding his bike on the polo court about to rain

heavy rain on the bike polo court the pit

group of bike polo players playing in the rain

nyc bike polo players in game during rain storm

polo players getting wet in the rain

bike polo in the rain nyc

brendan lifting the drain cover on the polo court in heavy rain

three bike polo players after a game in the rain

birdseye looking down water drain on the polo court

bike polo people eating after games
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