I get emails and calls from a variety of media people wanting to talk to someone about bike polo. I don’t want to be the only one in the spotlight. When reporters show up at The Pit I always try to point them in the direction of other players after I’ve said a few things. But away from the court that’s not as easy. What I want to do is make a short list of players emails and maybe phone numbers I can know are OK to give to reporters. What I foresee is when a reporter calls or emails me, I’ll say a few things, and then can say “to get another view from this person, here’s their number I know they have stuff to say about bike polo”. Or, “email this person, I’m pretty sure you’ll hear back”.

I already have many of the NYC players email addresses and some numbers so really I just want to add people to an Ok to call or OK to email list.

Please tell me if you are interested.

Thanks, Doug D