Follow me on a journey…

paul driving
We left New York around 8pm Friday and got to Toronto about 5:30am Saturday morning. Good thing we had Red Bull as a sponsor.

bike polo bikes in the grass
After about an hour of sleep we all got to the island and the polo area looked like this for the next two days.

bike polo cmwc nick dayton
This is my friend Nick from Dayton, he stood still while I took his photo.

bike polo cmwc helmet rule
The heads running the CMWC said everybody had to wear helmets.

bike polo cmwc joe ben ben
So, yeah.

bike polo at cmwc jen blocks goal
Some bike polo was played, some people got schooled. By Jen.

bike polo and hanging out
But while some people played polo, some other people just hung out.

zach in rain
This is Zach. As it was raining I had time to remember that if our team name wasn’t Doug and the Darlrymple’s it was going to be Zach and the come guzzlers.

bike polo cmwc steaming court
This was cool. As it was raining the courts steamed and a bunch of people took pictures, I did too.

bike polo cmwc water sweep
When it stopped raining this guy got out there and swept the water off the court. I just kept taking pictures.

cmwc graham
This is Graham. Somebody told me he threw a race once.

cmwc shino sino bike racer
And of course what would a CMWC be without a race. Here is Shino killing it, nobody around.

sino shino cmwc bike race
Actually, Shino is a pretty good looking dude. Here’s a better look.

cmwc corey racing
Style? Yes. Good looks? you be the judge.

cmwc austin bike racer
Here’s Austin racing for Brooklyn Machine Works and King Kog.

cmwc jersey dan bike race
Here’s another NYC messenger, Jersey Dan. He’s riding for Six Racing. fast and for himself!

bike race bruce dc
This is a DC courier and bike polo player. Everything I’ve ever heard about Bruce points to him being damn fast.

cmwc racer number 666
I don’t think they had six hundred and sixty six racers, but who better to bear racer number 666. Lucas Brunelle everybody.

bike polo cmwc ben doing it backwards
After the race we got back to polo but the 5 hour break in tournament play made it a little hard for some to remember how to do things. Here’s Ben Hunter doing it all wrong.

cmwc bike polo ben kev tucker
One more photo of bike polo just for good measure. Ben, Kev and Tucker.

OK, That was great but to read and much better report check out Mess Media’s CMWC 2008 report.

All Photos © Doug D 2008