One of the things I brought back from the Cycle Messenger World Championships was a pretty nice belt buckle made by Idle Hands Machineworks or maybe it was designed by them and made by I’m not sure. I was at the bike polo courts, standing under the tent while it was raining and a guy rolls up and shows a few of us that he had belt buckles for sale. He said they were numbered and I asked for number 44 (my courier number) he handed me a little box with “044″ on it and asked for 20 bucks “Canadian or US”. Also in the box was a self made card that read “Idle Hands Machineworks – David Sorenson” with an email (Lucky13dave-AT-hotmail-DOT-com) and phone number. I don’t know how many he had or if there are any leftover but I’m glad I got one.
For me, I prefer the western style buckle over the conventional style buckle. And the CMWC buckle goes great on my Jon Wye custom ESPI3 prize belt.
Toronto CMWC belt

Toronto CMWC belt 2
The CMWC originated in Berlin in 1993, in 1995 Toronto was the first North American city to host it. And in 2008 Toronto was the first city to host it for a second time.

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