I’m exhausted, but I want to throw a few things up, just for now. More later.
First I’d like to thank Brian of Mallets Of Mayhem polo club and Pieter of East Van Bike Polo for all the hard work to make the Bike Polo Tournament at the Cycle Messenger World Championship happen. Good work guys!
Second, I’d like to thank Trackstar NYC for sponsoring me to participate in the CMWC and Red Bull for giving cases and cases of product and being our polo team, and others, travel sponsor by paying for our rental van. Thank you!
Thank you again to everyone who took the time to let me photograph them.
Also I’d like to say that Fuji Bikes, PAC Designs, Crumpler, Trackstar NYC, and R.E.Load Baggage all hooked it up for polo prizes.

Now the results as I remember them.


World Hardcourt Bike Polo Champions: “Doug and the Darlrymples” aka Banned in DC (Paul, Zach, Doug) NYC

2nd Place: “Balls Deep” (Rory, Chris, Pieter) East Van
3rd Place game was not played. Tie(?) between “Sweet Thunder” (Kev, Jonny, Ben) Madison, and “Milwaukee Mugshotz” (Joe, Crandall, Jake) Milwaukee

Main Race:
Winner: Shino Chikura, (Rider #154) Meguro-ku, Japan

I did take quite a few photos they will be worked on after I get some sleep.

Thanks, Doug D