Viva Bicycle

For just a brief moment I was able to get a photo of this rare piece.
I was playing bike polo this evening and took a break from The Pit to go see the art show for the Bicycle Film Festival. The front room was full of bikes turned into art and there was a smaller room in the back with photos and paintings and such. The event was quite crowded so I’m lucky I didn’t miss the 4″ x 4″ piece by “the Artist(s)”. The rooms were full of people and most of the art was the size of large bicycles so one print the size of a beer coaster could have easily been missed. If it had not been for the biggest part of the crowd that was bunched up in this one corner in the back I might not have known to take a closer look. Eventually I made my way around to see it without obstruction. Actually I was excited to see an original Los Marcostan piece in New York because I know the polo team, known as “Los Marcos Polos” are afraid of NYC because they always get whooped on and sent home crying in their masks. And I have no idea where Los Marcostan is, so this was a real treat. Just after taking the photo a cute English girl asked if I has seen the other two pieces. “What!? there’s MORE?” I bumped my way around through the crowd and hooked a hanging bike with the polo mallet sticking out of my bag and spilled peoples drinks looking for the other Los Marcos art but to no avail. Damn it!