A debate on the merits of goal tending and specifically on taking out goaltenders. (as suggested by Le Jackal)

So lets hear it.
Sometimes goalies don’t get much pressure.
Sometimes they get more than they can handle.
Sometimes a team never has a goal tender but for a few seconds at a time.
Some teams dedicate a player to sit in goal to solely defend shots on goal.

I’ll say that it’s all OK. Play however you want, but know that this is a physical game and contact is allowed. Etiquette calls for contact to be limited to players near the ball OR near the goal. The rules call for little more, maybe just “No T-boning”.
Two thing I’ve been quoted as saying are “I’m coming at ya” and “take out the goalie”. And that’s pretty much where I stand on the matter.
Now, on the other hand, there is something to be said for a gentlemanly game with little brute force and mostly speed and skill, but that brings me back to what I said first.
It’s all OK. Play however you want.

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