This past weekend I met some friends of friends who rode BMX, and I learned a few new (to me) things about the bikes riders are on these days. One thing I want to bring over to my polo bike is the plastic pedals a lot of riders are on. I have always liked a flat pedal for polo, jumping off the bike is instant if need be. I think plastic works the best because they are cheap and won’t kick your rear wheel up so bad if you pedal strike. But the cheap ones are the throw-aways that come with factory complete bikes, and the problem for me is they have a small platform and hurt my feet after a while.

I went with the Haro “Small Block” plastic pedals (top) because they have the most surface area and cost the least. ($9.99)

The Odyssey “Twisted Super Lite” plastic pedals (middle) seem to be more popular among BMX’ers but they cost a little more. ($15.99)

And lastly the Eastern “CFR” plastic pedals (bottom) are just another option. ($14.99)




Prices listed found at Dan’s Comp