How Much Roughness/Toughness/Physicality/Contact is too Much?

I have said things in the past about this, so for now I’ll just sit back and let the comments roll in.
Tell a story, be specific. State your personal experiences, or things you have witnessed. Make things up that might or might not ever happen in a real game of bike polo. Tell us where you play, how long you have played, the different ways you like to play. Go hog wild. Elbows, mallets, head butting, kicking, punching, bleeding, T-boning, bronco moves with the rear wheel, stopping to cause a crash, end-o’s, high sticking, and last but not least open-court checking.

(before we get too hot in here, the F word, and others, will block a comment from posting. Be nice. This is “off court” remember)

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3 2 1 POLO!