Think again! Back in 2008 a federal appeals court said the US Polo Association (WHO REALLY PLAY POLO!!) could keep it’s logos after Ralph Lauren (NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SPORT!!) took them to court over a trademark dispute. See a post I did about it back then. But this was not the first time RL thought they own everything polo, and it wasn’t the last. Just recently another company who is truly associated with a sport(this one being BIKE polo), Chunk Clothing,  is being pressured by Ralph Lauren’s lawyers over some bullshit. There are a couple of things that make me laugh. One, way back when Mr. Lauren had an idea to create a brand he had an early thought to call it “Baseball” but later changed his mind in favor of “Polo”. For the upper-crustiness sound of it I’m sure. And second, although founded in 1967 the company never sponsored a real polo team until briefly sometime around 2009. Basically just biting on the culture of a sport to sell overpriced clothes that are made in China. Way to go!

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