…but “the poloists” have a hair more respect from the bike snob after he reflects on an article about New York bike commuters “racing” on their ride to work over the bridge.

This is way too much, skip to the last line.

There’s also nothing sadder than a guy old enough to know better who clearly doesn’t:

“Competition among cyclists is a reality,” says David, a self-employed 47-year-old who rides over New York’s Manhattan Bridge every day on his way home to Brooklyn. “[For me,] it starts before the bridge. Once you start jumping to the wrong side of the street you know you’re in a commuter’s race. Everyone wants to go faster. I get smoked sometimes and it’s embarrassing if you’re challenging the person. Once I know I can’t [win], I let them go.”

Embarrassing indeed. When commuter races commuter, the only winner is disgrace. Commuters who race other commuters in New York City are like the people who live around the corner from a pizzeria yet continue to order from Domino’s–there’s just no excuse for it. There’s so much organized competitive cycling in New York City that we even have bike polo for chrissake. I mean, I’m not the biggest bike polo fan in the world, but while I’ve been “raced” a million times on my commute I have never, ever had anybody roll up and start playing unsolicited bike polo against me, so for that reason alone the poloists have my respect.

Back when BS was more-less anonymous, i said if i could see him riding I’d open road check him, maybe into a parked car, and test his bike handling skill. I bet it’s not as strong at his bike shit-talk skill.