4th Biannual Midwest Bike Polo Champeenships

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I love Madison. I love Wisconsin.
I’ve had a few days for my thoughts to settle and still, this past weekend was start to finish top-knoch. Only about one quarter of my time in Wisconsin was spent playing bike polo, the rest was just good times. It started pre-dawn Saturday morning in NYC, get in the car to the airport and fly to MKE where I later heard that about six people were calling each other back and forth to be sure that Julie and I had a ride to the Thunderdome. At the airport I got a text from Jake of MKE to meet at the baggage claim in 15 min. Right on time a pair of blue and yellow knee high socks walks in the the building and guides us to our ride. I was surprised to see a white Jaguar XJ6 at the curb but no big deal, Jake gets in the passenger side and Julie and I take seats in the back. Not before I can close the door behind me Cody turns from the drivers seat to greet me with a handshake. Needless to say we had a nice ride to the courts and we were all in the mood for some polo.
We got to the Thunderdome in plenty of time. Just Coffee had coffee set up for the players, and that was great because it was cold, windy and about to rain. The snack table was a good choice as well.
Ten teams made it to Mad, and I gathered up with the two Chicago players I was on a team with, Ben and Joe. We played well, Ben and Joe worked together in the forward and I stayed back most of the time letting them do their thing with passing and shooting. As a team we did pretty good, we lost a game to MKE in the group play, and the only other loss was the second game of the final. By then the weather had turned for the… prefect. I was about to ask Kev for some sunscreen.
Joe of MKE took the hardest hit, into the fence. His forks took the second hardest hit. Best crash award equals a big bottle of Vodka by Deaths Door.

I don’t want to ramble on about polo but I will say I was bummed that no one from Ohio showed up. Also, if I only go to three tournys next year, you can bet I’ll be back to Madison for the Mid-west next spring (or when ever) and ESPI (where ever?) and NSPI, in Ottawa.

A few things to mention about the great state of Wisconsin are,
Dr. Evermor’s sculpture park
The 50 mile ride through the country
Light years ranch
Jonny Hunters cooking
Ben Hunters family
Just Coffee
Monona Lake
The Capitol Building
Yellow Jersey bike shop
Roxbury Taverns pancakes
and, MidWest Airlines warm cookies

Thank you to everyone. I cant wait to be back!