North Side Polo Invite
Bike Polo Tournament
September 4th – 6th, 2010
Ev Tremblay Park. Ottawa, ON

I guess this year it’s a 3 day tourny. They do only have one court. I like everything about Ottawa. The court, club, park, the city and the Dirienzo Grocery. I think Ottawa would be a perfect place to give 6 player teams a shot. They are limiting the teams to 18 or so, and that may work out fine since this is following Worlds so close. But even with just 16 teams, on one court, it takes a while to get games in. There is plenty of grass and shade but if there were more players on a team they could easily trim the team count down to 12 and keep the game length the same (to keep the games flowing) but every team would get more games. “Mario-land” make for easy player switches and more than 3 on a team but still a max of 3 on court would keep the intensity up and add excitement of who is facing up to who. Just a thought.