Gem City Massacre 5
Bicycle Alleycat & Scavenger Hunt & Bike Polo Tournament
May 17-18th, 2008
Dayton, Ohio

This is the updated flier.

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Main Race. 47 racers, 23 finished
1st place: Doug (Dayton/NYC)
2nd place: Noah (Dayton)
3rd place: Joe (Columbus) and 1st Out Of Town

1st place female: Anna
2nd place female: Lisa

DFL: Evan

Scavenger Hunt. 12 entered
1st place (Tie): Stacy and Lora
3rd place: Noelle

Bike Polo. 8 teams from Dayton, Columbus, Cincy, Springfield and NYC.
Double elimination, first round 3 points or 15 min. after that 5 points or 15 min.
1st place: “Two of the Four Riders of The Apocalypse…and Andy” (Zach, Doug, and Andy) NYC
2nd place: “The Dubious Three” (Brett, Elton, Joe) Dayton