This is in Boone, North Carolina. Hippies. But I like the angle of view and what is that 5 on 5. I wonder if they time the games or play to five? To be honest I didn’t watch to the end.

Boone’s Underground Bike Polo League
The Secret World of Bikes Hitting Bikes, Intense Competition and Camaraderie

Story by Eric Crews

By day, these competitors are bike shop employees, carpenters and business owners, but every Monday night, they shed their professional garb in exchange for a battered bike and mallet while taking part in bike polo matches at Junaluska Park. Its all about going out and having fun, said John Fennell, an employee at Magic Cycles. We try not to take it too seriously, but, he said, lingering for a moment, we definitely play to win. Video by Eric Crews

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