Do you see what I see?

gas pipe

It ain’t the cone on the left…

The other day as I rode around Brooklyn working on my bike I rolled past a street dig so I slowed down to take a look. I saw that color that I love to see, Yellow (or black w/ red stripes). I figured I shouldn’t just walk over and grab the scrap piece but I thought it couldn’t hurt to take a photo. As I took the picture, the worker noticed me and approached me about my camera. He wanted to know what kind of camera I had and to tell me a story about how a safety inspector, or something like that, had taken a photo from half a block away, of him and his co-worker not wearing safety glasses, and so on and so on. He was a nice guy and we talked a little about how far you can be from a camera and how much it can still capture. Anyway, as I was about to go I asked if that little piece was scrap? He said it was, but if I really wanted some why not grab a bigger piece out of the truck. So we walked over to the truck and he grabbed a three footer (94cm to be exact). Um’ Thanks. Ah, that made my day.
Some have asked where I get the mallet head material that I make my mallets with. The answer is “street finds”. If you are one of the lucky ones who knows how to order plastic pipe, I don’t know if this will help, the code on the pipe reads:
=0232= 2″ IPS SDR 11.0 US POLY UAC 2000 FOR GAS ONLY PE 2406 —- PE2708 CEE —-ASTM D2513 – T11- 1 0 1 3 0 7 NR UPC 000 I<3 U