First let me say that I have never seen one of these first hand. I was just browsing the White Industries website and happened upon this new product. I’m a big fan of White Industries and on my three most ridden bikes, all have at least one White Ind. component. Right away I saw the bike polo application with this bash guard/ring. I even Google imaged it and did a Flickr search to get a look at more photos. But no luck other than the two small ones on the site listing the product. Here is one of the two from the site.

This is a more expensive set up than say, something imported. But then again this is made in USA. A big plus in my book. And White Industries makes top quality stuff. At least everything I have ridden. According to their site’s suggested retail price lists the ENO Cranks and the Bash Guard/Ring are sold separate. The list for the cranks is $200 in your choice of 170mm, 175mm, or 180mm. And the Bash Guard/Ring comes in 30t, 32t or 34t for $68.
Some words from the product page.

BASH (v.) To strike with a crushing or smashing blow

GUARD (v.) To keep safe from harm or danger; protect; watch over

Introducing our newest chain ring with an integral bashguard machined as part of the ring. The bashguard/chain ring unit has our proprietary crank spline interface and is machined out of 7075 aluminum. Available in sizes 30t, 32t and 34t, made in the USA, and can be ordered in polished silver or black anodized finish.

More info: White Industries