I feel like Outlier is doing really good things by making clothes not only in the US, but in New York City! Also if you look at the clothes they make here you’ll see that the style is clean and simple. It’s classic just like they say but to me it feels new. A young company, making high quality products, focusing on more fundamental and important aspects of making clothes, not just putting edgy, hyped logos on made-in-China crap that’ll get tossed to the grease rag pile in a year. I wear Outlier clothing and love it, I might sound like a broken record sometimes (that’s why I don’t post every one of there products on my site, but I would because there is nothing that they have done that I don’t like). I can make this comparison, if you were riding over the bridge on a Leader track bike (made in China and Taiwan) with the down tube blazing a huge LEADER logo and if you were riding on a hand madeĀ  frame by someone local and there was nothing on the downtube to broadcast the maker. The look and feel of the latter has to be better even though it lacks the over sized announcement of the former telling everyone about it.

What I’m saying is I like Outlier for staying local and keeping it simple.

The new bike to work classic. A raglan polo in ultrafine merino, so soft you’ll barely realize you are properly dressed for a business casual environment. The ultrafine 17.5 micron merino is the best natural performance fabric we can find. Merino has the incredible ability to suck moisture into the very core of the fiber. This pulls moisture away from your skin cooling you as you sweat, and allowing the fabric to dry quicker and keep breathing if it gets wet. Its naturally anti-microbial so you don’t need to worry about any stink and can get more use between washes too. The only downside is that it’s slightly addictive, be warned before you get down to business.

Available in a Pale Gray, Dusty Blue and Fiery Orange. Made in New York City with ultrafine New Zealand merino.

More info: Outlier