This story about my MKE friends has been all over the web. I heard my friend Bike Snob even wrote about it. Anyway for some reason it reminds me of that movie The Legend of Billie Jean. Last night I listened to about 15 min of some 30+ min radio talk show that took callers to give thoughts on the matter, but as I said, I only listened to the first few min of it because I could only take so much of the hosts bull shit. Not being capable of making a statement of his own thoughts he just added doubt to the statements his callers would give, if they were for or against the arrests. For me, I hope MKE can keep playing in the winter months in a place that they like.
One more thing, Kremin, I tried calling you tonight (and last week) turn your phone on, geez.

Bike polo players arrested, ticketed
By Tom Held of the Journal Sentinel
Jan. 11, 2010

The parking structure in O’Donnell Park was a safe haven from the elements, but not the law, for 11 bike polo players who were arrested and ticketed for trespassing on the county-owned property Sunday night.

Jacob Newborn, one of the leaders in the Milwaukee Bike Polo Club, reported that Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputies broke up a game about 6 p.m., then took the participants and players to jail for ticketing and processing. They were released early Monday.

According to Newborn, bike polo players have used the O’Donnell Park garage as a winter venue for five or six years, with a few warnings from county parks workers but no official enforcement action.

“We would just go back after a while,” he said.

Sheriff’s Capt. Aisha Barkow confirmed the enforcement action and said the players had been warned twice previously that they were trespassing and causing damage to the parking structure near the Milwaukee lakefront. County parks representatives offered two alternate locations for their bike polo matches, she said.

On Sunday night, a sheriff’s unit assigned to parks patrol found the players back in O’Donnell Park and arrested them.

“This should not have been a surprise,” Barkow said.

Tickets with forfeitures of $263.50 were issued to those arrested.

Newborn said the arrests would add motivation to the group’s efforts to locate a private indoor play area, while they work on a legal strategy.

“We have to sit down and discuss as a club how we want to approach it in court,” Newborn said. “It will be interesting to see what the judge says when he has 11 trespassing cases in a row.”