As this reaches it’s two years of existing I had to move the site from a friends server to a new one. I made a few changes and I’m still working those out. During the move some things got lost. Like the photos in the how to build a polo mallet section, and a few images in older posts from near the beginning. I posted things the wrong way back then and they did not stand up to the switch. I’ll try to get it fixed.
I’m running a new theme for the site, that’s why it looks new. Tell me if it’s terrible. In the upper right corner there are a couple icons that will appear if you float the mouse there. They change the width of the content and the font size. Maybe find one that works for your screen and tell me if there are any problems. (for me I had to set the content to the narrow setting to be able to adjust the font setting. Then I changed the content width to fit the screen)
I added a calendar that I’m still trying to figure out, and a weather widget set to NYC.