By NYC standards we got dumped on Saturday night. About 10″ to a foot of snow in The Pit Sunday morning.
Thanks to the players who did the real work of getting that unwanted snow out of The Pit. The games were fun.
Ryan from FL was back in town for some icy games.
Thanks Birdseye for letting me borrow a mallet.
About â…“ of the players on court were girls.
The sun was out and the temperature was nice without much wind. If there wasn’t so much snow it would have been a perfect day.
Check out for a few more photos of the day.
I worked for over an hour by myself before Katie showed up. We had 6 shovels going sometime after 2:20pm till 3:30.
We played games to 3 points to make it seem like we got more games in and so those waiting didn’t have to wait too long.
The amount of space cleared: 96′ x approx. 40′