magazine for bicycle people 010
The Winter 2008 issue of Bicycle People No.010 (Japan) with cover picture by Taliah Lempert, has a nice piece about New York City titled We [heart] NY + Bike. It is a few one page articles focusing on various bike stuff in NYC. The two that I’m interested in are ones with Patty and Brad of Trackstar in a how-to about taking a bike on the subway. It’s a funny, step-by-step photo series shot by Takuya Sakamoto. And of course, the other is the full page photo of Quinn at The Pit with a mallet in hand and a game of polo going on in the back ground. This is an awesome photo also by Tak. I can’t read Japanese so I just looked at the pictures, and there are alot of them.

One Japanese website has a overview of the issue (translated)

and has issues for sale

But I just went to Books Kinokuniya on Avenue of the Americas and picked one up.