After work I played some Thursday night polo in The Pit. Really glad I did because there were plenty of good faces in town. Alexis from Ottawa was doing a brief stop in NYC on his way to Turducken 2 in RVA. Nick from Fort Lauderdale was in some games on a borrowed Nishiki. Matt Lane from Chicago stopped by for a few games. And Kev, was around for one more go around in The Pit. Kev is the person behind the internationally popular forum, The League of Bike Polo. Formerly at The League of Bike Polo now has a solid URL. Update your bookmarks/links/RSS feeds to

I didn’t have my camera or my polo bike with me so I had to borrow bikes from Tommy and my 29er back from Kev to be able to play. I’m also going to borrow one of Kev’s photos from his Flickr. This is a good example of a hockey net from a court in Toronto.

goalie, originally uploaded by kev_walsh.

Kev told me the name of this rink, it’s the Harry Gairey rink at¬† Scadding Court in Toronto.

I’m more interested in the goal and it’s width, not so much the height because I think it’s too high. What I am interested in is testing out a wider goal. It seems that hardcourt bike polo is starting to move down the road of universal defination. While I’m not against this in general there is one thing sepcificaly I think should happen: test out different goal widths. I think that for a season or for a few tournaments, or at the very least for a few weeks of pick-up cities should try out different goal set ups. Only playing that way, new ways, will any of us see what it is like. I thought about what wider goals might be like before we tried it out. It’s been a couple weeks and I’m still learing and forming thoughts. But I know that I’d want more players to try this in different cities to have more than one way of thought when it comes to goal size. But when we start to talk about defining goal size the first thing that weights on is court size. I do think that to define one and not the other would make little sense.

After polo I went to Outlier’s store to get some new pants, then to Peel Sessions to meet one of the Hold Fast guys and pick up a prize won at Cranksgiving (I got second) then I met Kev again with some friends and ate thai food. Good times.