Kev was in for some games at The Pit.
The weather was delightful, I was wearing a t shirt till after sundown. And the benches were full of spectators most of the day.
We tried out the use of cross bars on the goals. That also made the goals a bit wider. Both good things.
I saw some advantages right away from moving up in tire size and having a wrap around tread. The new tires are working out well so far.
We gathered a few spare balls and half rolls of hockey tape from some players in our club.  We are sending out a help-get-started package to Hawaii soon.
Tak of New York Bike Dreams came out to get some shots for an upcoming issue of Loop Mag. While “on court” to get action shots he had to run out of the way once and he got taken out by Adam, who is NOT retired, and he nearly busted his baller camera. All three were unscathed.
Corey the Courier was at the court all day. Before the first game till after I left.
Daniel from New Orleans showed up late to get a game in.
And Willie was the court/game/mallet coordinator. That shit burned up so much time, dude throws one mallet at a time. Three and three, get out of the way. But he also helped pick up trash so he’s not bad. I can’t understand half of what he says but I heard something about going to Delaware??
And lastly, New York will be announcing a tournament of unprecedented proportions very soon. Just waiting on the flier. Check back.