“The Angelo” aka The Ball Joint Question? (as suggested by Ben Schultz)

Mad Bike Polo already has a post about “Rules Conference 2008” so maybe check out the thoughts over there too.

I was reluctant to do a post on this because it’s just asking for more rules.
The play is not a golden ticket to scoring. It is good for passing but it is harder to gain possession than say, giving the ball a tap or light hit. It will send the ball into the goal off the end of the mallet, yes. But to carry the ball around is easy, IF you can get to it with no pressure AND as long as no one is able to even SLIGHTLY touch that players mallet. The ball is lost easily. And on rough surfaces it may be lost at a slight bump or crack on the court.
Lots of things can be said, and I’m sure they will, but two points I want to make are:
1. It is not a shuffle. (as some have referred to it as “The Angelo shuffle“)
2. Save your ski poles. Don’t go putting on over sized heads, as in a head big enough for the ball to fit inside the mallet and let the player be able to “scoop” up the ball and carry it around. That is not the same as putting down pressure on the ball and moving it along the playing surface.

To spell it out. Mallets will be broken.

On second thought I do have a few things to say. I first saw this move done by the person it’s named after. Ask him and he calls it simply “The Ball Joint”. When I first witnessed it I was take by how one could carry the ball left or right without looking at it and the release seemed pretty accurate. I will say that I can’t remember any goals being scored in that manner at that time.
Since I only get the pleasure of playing against the Ottawa crew every so often I really wanted to have a trick up my sleeve for them when we met in DC at the 3rd ESPI. In the weeks before I spent some time (using my regular mallet) practicing what I started to call “The Angelo” so if, when in a game against Ottawa, he were to pull out the move, I could counter with the same. But I’m a jackass and couldn’t keep it to myself and about 23 teams worth of players got a first hand look at something that should probably NOT be in the game of polo as a way to score.
I kind of feel like it’s my fault. Also, for the most part, I’ve stopped taking shots on goal in this manner but still use it for passing, sometimes.

EDIT: After reading what Brian of Ottawa wrote, I fully agree. It’s OK for passing but not for shooting. (in a nut shell)

Lief ball joint in The Pit, NYC

Lief ball joint in The Pit, NYC