I bought the name hardcourtbikepolo.com last night, and this is the first website I have owned. Before this I was working with myspace to give New York Bike Polo a place on the web, but now I am using that just as a place for links to hardcourtbikepolo.com and nycbikepolo.com. When nycbikepolo.com was born in May of 2007 it was very basic looking and had minimal content. It was like that for months, then about the time some dog owners wanted to turn The Pit into a dog run the NYC site was brought to life. Ken did a super job with making it look on point, and I got to work on the content so people had something to look at, and up to now it has just been me adding posts.

With this site I will be showcasing my photography, travels to play bike polo and things about hardcourt bike polo in general. I will be posting less of my photos on the NYC site but a few other players in NY will be starting to post more so it will continue to grow. This site will be about everything hardcourt, but a good bit of it New York by default because I live in Brooklyn.

I am excited about this! Today, I have been preoccupied with thoughts on what I want to do. This afternoon, when I was working as a messenger for Trackstar, I had a job to go get a few bike frames from the sandblasters to bring back to the shop. I decided to walk and just carry the frames back rather that strap them all to my back just to ride five blocks. It wasn’t busy, plus that would make it easy for me to daydream about my plans and such. About a block from the pick up I saw something I might not have seen if I had rode, a set of ski poles just laying there on the sidewalk. The best type of ski poles, aluminum, straight and 50″ long. Now two ski poles richer, I felt like the Polo Gods gave me a blessing.

I didn’t make a lot of money on this slow Monday but I did find some ski poles and I even got in a 2 on 2 game in with Zach, and against Johnny and Adam. Not bad for day one.

Thank you,

Doug D