On Friday after Thanksgiving I had to work but I knew it would be slow so I brought my camera along. Between runs I was just roaming around and on my way down Union Av I spotted a couple BMX kids hitting a new sidewalk ramp that was set with a good kick to it. One other guy was taking photos (see them Here) and after they got the shot they wanted we spoke a few words. After finding out that Dan, with the camera, lived in the area but the riders were from CT I asked if they had seen the new ramp under the BQE. They had not. This is my photo of Ben boosting the ramp. Click to see large.

I got a call for work and had to take off but I crossed paths with this crew a couple hours later and Ben showed me that he had snapped his front axle and Dan told me the site he’ll post his photos to, KeapHope.com check it out. Good to meet you guys.