Fyxati★n is a new company out of Milwaukee, WI and they are making a tire with full wrap-around, diamond pattern tread. The tires are marked as 700 x 28 but to my eyes they look more like a 700 x 32. They have a 120 TPI (threads per inch), a Kevlar bead, and are available in colors.

The set I have are all black but here is a close up of the tread taken from a post on Fyxation’s blog.

Johnny Mid-west is running one on his front, Kermin was a test rider for this product since at least ESPI4 in Boston. Prolly also wrote a review on this tire some time ago but he’s a trick rider and the bike polo application is more my area so I’ll be writing a review after I get a few games in. Check back later. But for now here is some basic info.

  • 700×28c (28-622)
  • Foldable
  • 120 TPI
  • Kevlar Rolling Protection
  • Pinch-flat protection
  • Full tread pattern bead to bead
  • Full diamond pattern bead to bead
  • Colors
  • Made in Taiwan

More info: fyxation.com