Just two weeks till the East Side Polo Invite 3 in the Dead City. One of my teammates and I, with two other dedicated NYC players took the chinatown bus to DC and scoped out the Rush Rink. Tink, of NPR fame was waiting for us at the bus dropoff, and lead us to the court, or courts rather. The main court (Rush Rink) that will be used in tournament play is better than most other polo courts, and it has lights! They say it measures 100′ by 75′ and that sounds right, it’s big but not too big and wide enough to pass across the court and not feel cramped. The boards play well, have rounded corners and are 2 feet tall in all but one corner where they are 4 feet tall. On three of the sides there is an 8 foot chain link fence standing just a few inches back from the boards. The court has a slight slope to one corner. And the playing surface is smooth with few cracks and the ball rolls well, not a bouncy court at all. The goals are about 8 inches wider than the NYC goals, not much of a difference. But the goals are a lot closer to the back wall, less than 3 feet off the back boards. If you have never seen or played on the Rush Rink, you will like it. I did.

Now the other court, which will remain nameless, is not far. We rode over to it but could have just as easily walked. It is yet to be determined what roll this other court will have in the tournament. So I will only say what I said when a saw it, “It’s so awful it’s awesome”, and “I don’t hate it enough to not like it”. Come to DC for the ESPI and you’ll see what I mean.

DC, thank you. I’ll be seeing you in a couple weeks!

I have photos, they will be up soon.