The Joust is a American made steel frame and fork designed and produced in Waterford, Wisconsin. It is being called “the first production bike frame made for hardcourt bike polo” and comes in five sizes ranging from 43cm to 62cm. It’s made for use with 26″ wheels and all the sizes have a 74.0 Head tube angle. But the rear triangle is spaced to 120mm and fits just up to¬† 1.5″ tires. More frame specifications can be found on the Fleet Velo site.

The Price is $650 for painted frame/fork.

A few times I’ve be able to ride this frame and thought that it’s ride feel is unique and might take some getting used to. But I never really ride 26″ wheels so that may be most of it. A couple of my friends have Jousts and other than tire clearance issues, Chombo and Jonny seem happy with them so far.