I went to Paragon Sports to check out the different types of street hockey balls that Franklin makes.
This is what I found.

Hot Weather (above)
This is by far the best street hockey ball made by Franklin. I’d say for use in any temp over 45°F. Red pink in color. Cost $2.99

Warm Weather (above)
When the hot weather is too hard in the cold. And by too hard, I mean cracks from hard hits, this orange “warm weather” is the next best choice.
Cost $3.99

Cold Weather (above)
This ball is much too soft to use unless it is really, really cold. And then it’s still soft. Yellow in color.
Cost $3.99

AGS Hot Weather (above)
This is how Paragon sports online store describes this ball.

Superior performance in a no bounce, tournament-grade street hockey ball. Liquid-filled AGS? Anti Gravity System keeps the ball from bouncing. Designed for use in HOT WEATHER temperatures above 70 degrees F/21 degrees C.

I say this ball sucks for bike polo. It is heavy and dies against whatever it hits. Never buy this ball for bike polo. Cost, not worth it.

With that, I’d like to say one more time that the first ball listed here is the best ball, by any maker, for bike polo.