Update: All fixed, Thank you Luke.

The worst thing about having a site is the fact that I don’t know anything about web stuff. I can upload photos and make clickable links and add new categories. But after that I’m useless. Asking friends questions gets one of two results, either some jibber jabber that’s way over my head and does me no good or I get really cringe-like body gestures and mumbled groans as a response.
I want to just pay someone but when I hear $1000 and $1200 estimates, I’m the one who cringes. I can afford something but it’s not like I’m making any money with this. I just really like bike polo, as a hobby.
I know how the side bar is all jacked up, and how when you open a post with photos it smashes the images and makes them a third less wide but still the same height. I know that this is the most boring looking thing on the web, but I still try to work with it. I tell myself that I have ate some damn good meals off of paper plates and I can just keep working on the content. I’m not going to die because my site looks like 83′camero with a primered door and missing hub caps. But I’d be a lot happier with it if it was on point.
One day my dreams of a interesting looking and functionally sound website will come true. Till then, this is a Thank You and  I’m sorry.

Doug D