After you footdown, what are you allowed and not allowed to do?

Sometimes going as fast as you can to tap in is the smartest thing to do. Sometimes you can’t do that, like if you are surrounded by players. What if your chain fell off? What if the ball is under your wheel and you aren’t even close to your bike? What if you don’t have your mallet in hand? What if your mallet is broken, or not even in the court at all? What if you are facing the wrong way and need to turn around to go tap in?

The general rule is basiclly that when you foot down you can’t “play the ball” till you tap in. I, like others, don’t want to see a book of rules. But the “own goal” question was positive so far and got a little bit off topic, so here you go.

I’ll start by saying that when a player footdowns that player may NOT play the ball until they tap in. Simple. And that is a hefty penalty, but in no way does that player not exist on the court. They are in fact still on a team, they just have no chance of scoring (until they tap in). That is the penalty.

Also say if I were to drop my mallet, am I required to pick it up immediately? No, I can play however I like with or without a mallet. Just as if I were to footdown, am I “required” to be invisible and be forced to do something? No, the only penalty is what I can not do, and that’s hit the ball. After all, let’s keep this simple.

If you’d like to leave a comment please note the city where you play.

Edit: This is just to see what people have to say, and not intended to make any new rules.