Here is the Mandarin Swift LSP Bike Polo World Championships saddle by Brooks
brooks polo saddle
I’ll post the URL if you feel like spending two hundred fifty on a saddle.∏=Mandarin+Swift+LSP+Bike+Polo+World+Championships

Yeah I’m not gonna link that because it’s funny that in the description Brooks misspells “World”.

Width: 152mm
Length: 280mm
Weight: 495g
Frame: Chromium Plated Steel
The Swift London Seattle Philadelphia Bike Polo Wordl Championships is a limited edition of 250 saddles, featuring mandarin orange leather top and the impressed logo of a bike polo player on top of the world.

*170.00 €
151.91 £
250.94 $
*Cost excludes shipping

The reason I think this is funny is because Montana, who made all the decisions about the Philly installment of this trio of tournaments, misspelled “Championships” except Montana’s mess up was ON THE TROPHY! not just some website.

Too late now but if he could get Brooks England, who is really far from Philly, to make a limited edition saddle with an impressed logo matching the tournament poster art

…why is it that his local trophy builder did not get the same art?