night polo, originally uploaded by rikitko.

Anyone that is keeping track, even if just barely, knows that bike polo has been growing in all directions. More players in the places that have been at it for years and more cities starting up clubs in the places that didn’t have regular games one or two years ago. Europe has been doing what looks like the same thing. Where as polo was heavy in the United States and Canada, now it’s definitely heavy in Europe too. I’m still looking forward to playing on a different continent. Maybe London, maybe Milan, or maybe Tokyo!
I missed the 2009 CMWC in Tokyo but by the looks of things bike polo is getting hot in Japan. Of course bike polo is happening in South America and Australia too but like I said, anyone keeping track knows that they’ve had the game going for years. But polo in Japan is new. From looking at the stats of this site I see that Japan is second highest in page views, beating out Canada and United Kingdom nearly combined. From there I searched around and found some sites to get a better picture of what they were putting up. Here are some links to what I found. More photos from rikitko’s bike polo set Some game play shots. A few about-the-court shots A funny flier and a mallet building session Mallet build how-to More mallet building. All of these links have photos by the way. Photo gallery of game play from CMWC weekend in Tokyo A couple action shots and a bike check one good photo of a Japanese bike polo mallet This is the home page of Osaka Bike Polo. Bookmark it, or RSS it. Then RSS my site too. Thanks. More mallet building session photos Again, mallets building photos. Hanging out, building mallets, hitting the ball around Probably the best of the mallet building links except they cut the top of the ski pole off, tisk tisk. Other than that, it’s much like my Build a bike polo mallet How-to. Lots of photos

And last but not least All things Tokyo and Bike Polo.