Lots of leaves on the court at 2pm but the Parks Dept. has the right equipment to get the job done quick.
From what I remember, this is only the second time they brought out the big guns.
Adam is not retired. After he and ZACH watched with amusement it was game on.
And nothing has changed, he still yells at the new people. Like Paul who stopped by from Dayton to play a few games.
The weather was perfect for November in New York but the time change is bad for bike polo everywhere.
More helmets being worn in games and more bikes being dialed in for polo.
And Johnny Midwest smiles a lot.

leaf blower in The PIt bike polo court

Adam is not retired from bike polo

Ken Zach Paul in the goal cones

Paul chases the ball

zack blackburn rides in The Pit NYC

Ken stanek and Johnny midwest play bike polo

zach blackburn Ken stanek bike polo

hardcourt bike polo in The Pit NYC

Ken hit the polo ball in a game

Johnny Midwest on his polo bike in The Pit