Cranksgiving 11
Benefit race
November 21st, 2009
New York City

Since 1998, New York City bike messengers have raised food for their city’s homeless the week before Thanksgiving. Like any other race, Cranksgiving tests your skills and speed navigating chaotic city traffic. However, unlike any other race, it tests the sharpness of your wits as you navigate the aisles of grocery stores searching for specific food items. Once you’ve found them, made your way through the checkout lines and finished the race, all of your food will be donated to a local homeless shelter.

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Results: (from Ken off the NYC forums)

119 Racers! That was pretty awesome. In fact, if you count the three tandems, there were more like 122 racers. Thank you to EVERY ONE for coming out and continuing to make this event spectacular.

Congrats to

1ST PLACE: Crihs & Lauren Klien (5th Overall)
2ND PLACE: Doug D & Heather Muller (6th Overall)
3RD PLACE: Kieth Garrison & Janessa Stark (10th Overall)
4TH PLACE: Pavel & Hana (22nd Overall)
5TH PLACE: Will Sherman & Grace (25th Overall)
6TH PLACE: Brantley & Kindall Almond (33rd Overall) (I have a prize for you, if you’re reading this, Kindall)
7TH PLACE: Izumi & Adrienne (35th)
8TH PLACE: Tony Leonardo & Nikki Zerka (36th)
9TH PLACE: Ray Clark & Rachel Rubino (39th)
10TH PLACE: Eli B & Sara Wojcik (40th)

Sasha – MOST GENEROUS – dude bought two turkeys
Eli – First Out of Town
Andras & Andra (Team Budapest – First Tandem or TallBike
Ray Clark – 1st Rookie

This was the first race for at least 39 people, and there were 34 girls & 85 guys.

And of course a HUGE THANKS to all the sponsors:

Seagull Bags
Laek House
Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
Brooklyn Bike & Board
Boneshaker Magazine
Kurt Boone
Four Loko

See you next year!

And lastly, a photo set by gage&desoto