Here is a well done video of a recent bike polo tournament in Paris France.

BFF polo tournament- paris 2009 -clip HD (v.02) from Uolmo on Vimeo.

And now another, this one without editing or a sound track.

Goalies are still boring either way.

I’m gonna go straight to trash talk but first can anyone tell me the song from the first video?
Paris, are you going to bid for Worlds in 2010? If so let’s hear it soon. Looks like a good group of players but way too many goals scored on the goalie-type-people-on-bikes in the goal. You all are useless just sitting there between the cones. I’m not saying to get better at SITTING BETWEEN THE CONES. I’m saying get your ass out of goal and play the ball like a polo player should.
It’s great that Europe makes so much polished up polo media. You all make really good fliers, videos, logos, t-shirts and other polo related media and nic-nacs. But really, if you want to have a world-class hardcourt bike polo tournament on your continent it might be wise to practice PLAYING THE GAME a little more so when North American teams invade your home lands you might be able to put up a worthy fight. So my free and unsolicited advice would be to get better at hitting the moving ball while you’re doing some moving too. Meaning it’s a 3 on 3 game, act like it. Or you won’t be in the top 3. or the next 3.

Ok now for real. I can’t wait to play polo over seas and I’m looking forward to knowing what cities are looking into hosting 2010 worlds. Are there any European cities biding for worlds? I looked on .ca and some of the euro club sites and could not find much info.