I was at the bar talking with bike polo’s most angry sober person about why he quit playing. He said some interesting things.

But first a look back….

Ok, in a nutshell I asked Adam why he quit. Tell me three reasons. I got four, here they are very condensed.

  1. “There are no rules” in the game (some cussing about that). Also “no refs” and “no penalties”.
  2. “has had no success”.
  3. “no love”. He does not love bike polo anymore. Not more than hockey.
  4. “the new people”.

It’s my theory that we will see Adam this weekend at LMM. Maybe he’s just in this “I retired” act to add to the whoopla of him playing in Los Marcos. I seem to remember him doing something similar around the time of NYC in MAD. He made up some story about how he was spending New Years Eve in Bogata or somewhere of the sort so no one would think he was gonna be in Madison. But he was in Madison.