I stopped by the Brooklyn Machine Works shop and noticed a grip of new forks about to go to paint. Talking with Ken the welder he said they should be ready to ship orders next week.
I know one bike polo player already has one. I ran into Max Knight last night at Second Chance and got a look at one hot off the welding table. It was raw metal and looked good on his Gangsta Track.

Here is a small bit of what can be seen on Brooklyn’s Blog.

The first batch of the Brooklyn Machine Works “Clusterfork” is finally heading off to paint and will be ready to ship next week.

Specs are as follows:

Axle-to-crown height – 410mm
Axle offset – 31.75mm
Axle slot – 9mm
Weight – 1360 grams
Handmade right here in our shop in Brooklyn, NY.

The legs have a slight two degree taper so that the average fixed tire isn’t swimming in space, but still has clearance for just about any tire currently available.