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skingrowsback: Stem Pad

I don’t care if you use a stem pad on your polo bike. I do care if you have un-plugged bar ends or exposed chainrings. That shit is messed up. But a stem pad is only gonna save the rider of the bike it’s on. Nuts and knees. That’s what likely tags the back of the stem in a crash.

I wear padded gloves, and a helmet, and now I finally have a stem pad.

If you want to get one for yourself check out from Catt & Jamie of Australia. They make a bunch of things good for polo players.

Like valve protectors.

And polo mallet straps.

.. among other things.

For the rest of their products, prices and order info visit

Jinxy Give Blood Stickers

Thanks Amanda

Early Spring / Late Spring 2011

Thomas and Jack in Brooklyn

Jacob in Brooklyn

One minute Young at Heart

One minute Young at Heart from Michael Miller on Vimeo.

Never do this

El Progreso Bike Polo

El Progreso Bike Polo from Santiago Caffarena on Vimeo.